Vision & Mission

By the order of Hon'ble High Court, Calcutta in the year 1990. The synopsis of the judgment are as under:

That the Council of Alternative System of Medicines is affiliated to Medicina Alternative which was established in 1962 at Ata, U.S.S.R. The said council has its Registered office at 378, Ganguli Bagan East Road, Jadavpur, Calcutta - 84. The aims and objects of the Society were as follows:

(i) To promote and advance the science of Alternative System of medicine other than official School of Medicines, Patent Medicine, Naturopathy, Indo Allopathic, Magneto Therapy etc. and to raise the status of all alternative system of medicines knowledge with all its aspect.

(ii) To establish the Faculty to control examination of teaching and educational institution or college etc. and award degrees, diplomas or certificate thereof.

(iii) To establish an advisory Committee which consists of its own member of outsiders Co-operation for the purpose of both as may decide for any purpose it deems fit.

(iv) To certify, permit supervise and maintain register of practitioners, possessing degree, diploma or certificates from any college or institution or of alternative System of Medicine either affiliated to the faculty or any authentic institute and the practitioners who have an experience in any branch of Alternative System of Medicines. Either affiliated to the faculty or any authentic institute and the practitioners who have an experience in any branch of alternative System of Medicines.

The further case of the petitioner is that the system of Alternative medicines is now will recognized all over the world and the complaints that were being made against the petitioner, were based on total ignorance of this system of medicine. In this connection, several books of Alternative medicine written by various renowned persons were produced before this court. One of the books written by Andrews Stsnway, M.B. Member of the Royal College of Physicians, who had practiced Medicine at King's Hospital in London. The book is forward by Alec Forks M.S.D.M. (Oxford).

It was pointed out that the United Nation in order to fight the health problem of the world has approved and recognized the graduate and Post Graduate classes of providing medicines to mankind of all sorts, of healing process. The said council in order to help in its small way the sufferings of Humanity & where the Allopathic system and other recognized system fail to reach to the majority of people in India. The society imparts and train its members, students through the trained persons in the matter of different therapy namely naturopathy, Bach Flower, Acupuncture, Electro Homeopathy, Herbal product etc.

In this society of the petitioner already in its rolls there are practitioners of alternative system of medicines to the extent about 6 (six) thousand, the practitioners committed by the society, to its member on the other hand the society had rendered social service to the common people in healing the disease.

For the aforesaid reasons the writ petitioner. (The president of the Council of Alternative System of Medicines) succeeds. The complaint lodged by the State Government and the F.I.R. at the police and the report of the police to the Registrar arte set aside and the respondents (Govt. of West Bengal & Ors.) are restrained from initiating and continuing any criminal prosecution on the basis of the aforesaid lodged complaint. The respondents are further restrained from any manner whatsoever in working of the said institution which is meant for imparting educations to its system which is Alternative System of medicine.

Admitted by the Dept. of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal. accepted by the Indian Medical Council, Govt. of India based on the judgment of the High Court, Calcutta of 1992. Accepted in Aug. 98 by judicial court Ara and High Court, Patna based on the judgment of High Court Calcutta - 1

Dr. P. K. Biswas
Dr. G. P. Nirbhaya
Council of Patent Medicine - India